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Dear Parents kindly update your details on the "login" panel through "User ID" & "Password" shared with you.
Be it Known to all that we are now, Global Demos Unity School
Admission Open : Please fill the REGISTRATION FORM available under "Admission" button in the header menus to initiate the ADMISSION PROCESS or Visit the school to fill the form physically.

Our School

OUR SCHOOL Global Kids Indian School is an institution dedicated to quality education where kids Learn, Play, Explore, Invent, Think, Socialize and Enjoy. The school believe that education transforms people and educated people transforms Society, Nation & Future. GKIS prepare its students for ever Competitive, Changing, Challenging and Complex world. School emphasis on the All-Round Development of the child – Sensorial, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional, Moral, Social, Aesthetic, Creative, Cognitive and Physical Development. We at GKIS endeavor to nourish our students to be enlightened, productive & responsible global citizens who excel in a diverse and multicultural society. GKIS enthuse its students with Skills, necessary to make them useful human resource Fortitude, to pursue their Goals Optimism, to succeed in their venture Enquiring mind, to explore the best feasible way out Integrity, to live ethical life Leadership, to steer the world Creativity, to find solution to their problems innovatively Pragmatism, to have fair and just understanding of reality Responsibility, to be accountable for their actions and behaviors Care, to treat others the way they want to be treated Tolerance and compassion, to have peaceful and productive co-existence with others Scientific temper, to have rational view on others view and action Desire, for higher personal, academic, social standard Concern for their community and duty towards humanity, Respect for the Constitution of India Sense of justice and fair play, Cleanliness, as a way of life Compassion, to empathize with others and understand and appreciate diversity Honesty, to articulate their views and stand Environmental Awareness To gives your child a solid foundation for life and make them good human being. For our playgroup students we have integrated following fun filled activities permanently in our monthly curriculum    

1. Nature Walks and gardening : The school campus has beautiful park and dedicated pet area. Children often visit these areas for nature walks, gardening and outdoor activities. Outside school nature walk are also scheduled depending upon the theme of the month.
2. Karate and self-defense : To make our children strong and defensive against any threat karate and self-defense are practiced two to four times in a month.
3. Horse Riding : Children are taken for Horse Riding to help them get familiar with animals and also to overcome fear of big animals. This activity is done twice a month.
4. Dance and music : To improve self-expression, self-confidence & self-esteem with recreation music and dance are done twice in a month.
5. Educational videos : Children are shown various educational videos on different topics for better understanding and reinforcement of topics.
6. Puppet Show : For bond establishment and engagement with students various stories are narrated through use of puppets.
7. Swimming Pool (In summers Only) : Children enjoy a lot in our Swimming Pool. This activity is done once a month.
8. Excursion (Picnic) : Our Excursions are both Fun filled and enhaces students understanding of their surrounding. Once a month, We take our students to places like Deer Park, Duck Pond, Aircraft Museum, Doll Museum, QutubMinar, Bakery Shops, Post Office, police station, Departmental stores etc. providing them with learning situations.
9. Potter’s wheel : To enhance their creativity and fine motor skills , under the guidance of expert potter, students practice pottery to make various articles like Diya’s, pots etc.
10. Theatre Workshop and Personality Development : It includes :(a)Various In-house activities for Personality Development (b) voice classes, rhythmic movements (c) various representations, portrayal of various expressions, emotions, characters and behavior.
11. Birthday Celebration : Monthly birthday celebrations on the last day of month aims for entertainment, sharing , socializing and togetherness.
12. Festival celebrations : Apart from above activities, we celebrate various festivals like Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali, Dussehra, RakshaBandhan, Janmashtami, Christmas etc. All festivals are celebrated with great joy and fervor to sensitize them to multiple traditions and cultures. The cultural aspect is highlighted and the children participate with enthusiasm.
13. In house Contests : Various In house contests are organized like Role Plays, Fancy dress, Mask Parties, Animal shows etc. with the aims to build up confidence and improves Communication skills.
14. Monthly PTM on each 2nd Saturday   : Regular monthly PTMs helps theParents to interact with the respective class teachers and can update themselves with the monthly progress of their ward.
15. Other Special Days of Year : We also organize Sports Day, Grandparents Day, Environment day, girl’s day, clean India day, waste management day, Annual function etc. once in a year.

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D-111/1, Rama Vihar Delhi 110081 INDIA (school, playschool, nursery, preschool and kindergarten)
Phone: 9999758499, 9999768499